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What is XTC 2 Clip?

XTC 2 Clip is a specialized device for servicing HTC phones. It consists of a main device with a flex having a microsd emulator on its end.

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Meet PowerAdapter for XTC 2 Clip

Using PowerAdapter you can S-OFF / service phones with Card VERSION 7!

  • Full support for javacard VERSION 7 phones
  • No more need to unlock bootloader!
  • No more need to root phone!
  • Remove FRP from any supported phone, even if it's S-ON!
  • Full support for phones with unlock bootloader disabled, including Verizon phones

Stay tuned for more updates!

Main Functions

  • Sim unlock or lock a phone to a specified network with your own unlock code
  • Repair IMEI (IMEI 2 for dual sim phones)
  • Change CID (Country ID used for firmware region lock)
  • Change MEID (for CDMA area phones)
  • Change security level (S-ON/S-OFF, allows you to run unsigned code, perform service actions, etc)
  • Many other functions you may need time-to-time.

How it works

In order to use its functions – you have to connect it to the SD card port of your phone. The SD port may be located on the left, right or rear (battery) part of your phone. If your phone has no SD port – you must use Y-cable.

There are 2 operation mode for XTC 2 Clip device:
direct – when the phone is in fastboot mode & connected to the PC, using the XTC 2 Clip software
offline – when using a SIM Lock menu of bootloader. To use the offline mode you must first save special service files on XTC 2 Clip device. ...

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